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Introduction To Argentine Wines And History Of Tango

A party for senses, discovering the origins and history of the wine, but also the ritual that encloses understanding of how to appreciate its attributes, and knowledge of how to blend it to highlight its strengths, and to minimize that of which lacks a particular wine . As clearly explains Leandro-  Sommelier  at “The Querandi”: – Sometimes it is not about buying the most expensive wine, but to  acknowledge the characteristics of each varietal, and items that could harmonize with it.defaultAfter we had expanded our knowledge and therefore our view on the “wine´s world”,  we continued to the main room of the house, where we have a variety of dishes to choose for dinner, which  will be served with our already tasted wine “Diamandina – Malbec” in this case.

el querandiThe house is well set, as the milongas of old times were. After dinner( an hour later), The Tango show began, which deserves a special recognition for the concept that shows , because as any cultural movement, it does not have just one way to be settled. It has inside the emotion of the people  who are playing and dancing, the place and the time where does it take place; showing the different nuances of this wonderful cultural expression, and, according to the historical and social moment, changing, and giving life to this symbol of our country. largephoto-home-slide01

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