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Our travelers’ testimonies, today about “the best of Argentina and Chile”

In the begining of a new week, we are very happy to have received news from one of our recent groups of passengers; and we were willing to share them with you! Because we know how important it is for a traveler to read or hear testimonies and recommendations from other travelers who have had similar trip experiences to the ones it might be seeking. That is the purpose of this blog: to collect as many trip experiences as possible, and contribute to other travelers.

Last month, Argentina Across received a group of 5 passengers who traveled from Costa Rica, to visit “the best of Argentina and Chile” in 15 days. The couple of Victor Hugo and Martha Iris, accompanied by three friends: Monica Lucia, Silvina and Laura Cristina; toured Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Ushuaia, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, El Calafate and Bariloche. At the end of their trip, they were very kind to devote a few lines to tell us about their experience:

We are extremely grateful for the excellent care and patience received from Paula. With her advice, we achieved a surprising tailored trip. It was really nice to meet her. We are also delighted with the additional activities that she recommended to us, all of them were too good. Regarding the included and additional aspects in the package, the truth is that everything far exceeded our expectations.



Amazing nature, it’s incredibly impressive.

– The very special, direct and friendly people: when we requested some direction and/or information, it was always supplied to us in great detail.

Incoming agents and local guides: excellent punctuality, attention and service. All of them, without exception.

– The coordination of all transfers was excellent, they really surprised us.

As for accommodation, we received good attention in all of the accommodations, and we found clean common areas and rooms, except for the one at Iguazu, which had some humidity problems.

It is also important that they are located within the City. In Ushuaia we had an extremely nice accommodation, but outside the city, and moving towards that direction it was occasionally complicated.

At Punta Arenas, we should have stayed an extra day. We traveled for 12 hours by bus to get from Ushuaia and we arrived tired. An extra day would have been great to visit Magdalena Island, which is the purpose of the visit to this city.

To conclude, if we had made the visit to Magdalena Island we would have been extremely satisfied; however, we are VERY pleased by your organization, the services provided, and especially for the excellent care provided by Paula. Once again, thank you very much and regards!

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