Great tour around the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires, cradle of tango and folklore, heiress of the vestiges of immigration and its historical development; one of the 20 largest cities in the world and the most visited in South America, a city with great cultural and gastronomic offer, entertainment and many attractions to visit around its picturesque and traditional neighborhoods. Let’s make a virtual tour around the main spots of this wonderful city!

Let’s begin with the picturesque neighborhood of La Boca. The main attraction here, which nobody should miss, is the famous Caminito street with its colorful houses, next to the port that used to be inspiration for the renowned painter Quinquela Martin. Very near we’ll also find the stadium of Boca Juniors and its museum, a visit that may be interesting for those who are willing to feel one of the great Argentine passions: football. The gastronomic recommendation consists in a traditional “bodegón” that was founded in 1954 by two Asturian brothers, it’s called “El Obrero”.


Moving towards the center of the city we’ll reach San Telmo, the neighborhood where the historic center is settled, retaining the colonial architectural heritage almost intact. During the visit of this area we suggest to include a stop in the Cafe Rivas, highlighting the atmosphere and the cuisine, which promises to be sensational, in addition to the musical program to enjoy jazz.

In the downtown area, the neighborhoods of Retiro, Tribunales and Congreso, concentrate the main landmarks and the business activity. Here we cannot avoid to mention the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada, the Cabildo, the Obelisk, the Colon Theater, the historical Café Tortoni and the Congress among many others! Our “local culinary expert” recommends in the area an Italian Club that offers Italian food, called “Maria Fedele”. It offers a menu of 4 steps: antipasto, primo piatto (pasta), secondo piatto (meat, chicken, fish or risotto) and dolce. “To eat a lot and enjoy a long meal in a friendly atmosphere!”

casa rosada

Our journey continues at the trendy neighborhood of Puerto Madero. Here we’ll meet the typical and worth seeing old port warehouses converted into offices, housing, entertainment and fine dining places overlooking the river. The gastronomic choice here is defined by Osaka, specialized in Peruvian food. The restaurant is not accessible but the food is wonderful, causes, sushi, tiraditos, everything is great, including the cocktail!

puerto madero

The residential neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta stand out for their large green spaces, elegant residences, museums and art galleries, the particular Recoleta Cemetery and large amount restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops. As we stand in the neighborhoods with more gastronomic offer, we’ll find several options for different tastes:

  • El Cuartito is a classic pizzeria located in Recoleta, which opened its doors in 1934. They don’t accept reservations and it’s always full, so I suggest you arrive early. My favorite pizza here is the fugazzeta!
  • Don Julio is an argentinean grill located in the heart of Palermo Soho. Everything here is excellent; some of their specialties are the ribeye and the “Don Julio Chorizo” (sausage with mozzarella and hydrated tomatoes).
  • The Temple Bar, The House, is an Irish Pub located in Palermo Hollywood, which offers excellent craft beers in a youthful and fun atmosphere. It has a very nice backyard ideal for lunch or a drink on a summer evening!
  • Paraje Arevalo, situated in Palermo Hollywood too, is one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. They introduce an author menu of high cuisine of 9 steps. It is a unique experience that I highly recommend.


Coming to an end, a visit to Buenos Aires will only be completed when including a Tango evening. The Tango is a famous international attractive; being at Buenos Aires and enjoying a nice evening of tangoshow in any of the many milongas and tango houses, or encourage to take some lessons, turns unavoidable.

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