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Discovering and remembering each destination through tailor-made experiences is our way of traveling

In a conversation with Maria Jose Barciela, Partner and Commercial Director, we spoke about the Boutique Travel Agency’s most sheltered concept, which consists in providing life memorable trip experiences in South America for the traveller who wishes to discover the region with a different flair. In this article we will capture the meaning and the extra value of traveling and reaching each destination through experiences, we’ll learn about the large variety of possibilities, and we’ll get the best suggestions for each profile.


Which is the focus of offering tailor-made travel experiences in South America?

We have always distinguished by designing trip experiences that fit the profile of each traveler and this is very varied. We believe each passenger who plans a trip is seeking for something: “memorable experiences for life.” This is the departing point for each of our local experts when facing the challenge of designing a new journey. And I speak about challenge because it is not always easy to understand the expectations which bring travelers from all over the world and overcome them.

Visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier footbridges is very different from experiencing the thrill of sleeping in a dome within Glacier National Park and hearing the rumblings of the ice falling. Making a tour to a winery is different from making the visit accompanied by an oenologist and preparing your own wine. These examples reflect what we mean when we talk about a real and memorable experience, which definetly is very different from joining a pre-assembled journey, in which the passenger must adapt.


Which are the most displayed experiences and what do traveler expect from them?

The travel experiences on which we are currently doing focus are the ones oriented to Ecology and Nature, which mainly include visit to national parks and accomodation in lodges situated in inhospitable places; also Wine and Gourmet experiences, in which we highlight a wide variety of cuisine and internationally known wines; in what concerns Outdoor and Adventure, we offer the possibility of staying in domes, enjoing spectacular natural surroundings to make treks, play golf, and practice scuba diving, among others.

And there’s more: our Cultural and Local Atmosphere Experiences in South America are extremely rich, they gaze an encounter with original settlers from different destinations of the region, from Patagonia, to Chile, Northern Argentina and of course, Peru. And last, but not least, our Beach and Relax Experiences include places of unique charm and even some limited exposure, which allow the perfect combination of an active trip with the tranquility of a beach and spa.


Would you say a trip of this nature completly revolves around the experience?

I believe every traveler has the expectation of living an experience. From my point of view, the trip should revolve around it, even beyond the destinations visited.

trip experiences


You recently traveled to Chile with Clara Barciela, your sister and partner in Across Argentina. Which destinations did you visit and which experiences did you find?

We travelled to Chile looking forward to know Colchagua Valley . We spent 3 days in the region and returned astonished with the variety of wineries that have joined, plenty of experiences for every profile. I highlight from this trip the experience in which we had the opportunity to cook with a renowned chef and participating in a wine tasting with an expert.

There also are interesting experiences for families, like making bike tours around the vineyards, climb a cable car in a cellar, and relaxing in world-class accommodation, ideal for honeymoon or anniversaries.


Which are the main differences between an experience of this kind in Chile and a similar experience in Argentina?

The good thing about facing a trip through experiences is that possibilities increase: you may enjoy a Gourmet and Wine Experience in Chile and return to South America some time after and make something similar in Argentina. They are similar and different at the same time, but one is not better than the other. My advice is that each one needs to live its experience and draw its own conclusions. You are welcome to share your dreams with us, we’ll make our best for the achievement of a memorable experience for life, for you!

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