Sheraton Resort and Spa, the unique experience of sleeping next to the Iguazú Falls.

Experience with your five senses one of the “Seven Natural Wonders,” a unique PLUS to what Sheraton Iguazú & Spa offers.

The building was designed by Estanislao Kocourek in 1978 following the instructions of the Argentine Tourism Secretary :  to project a  low- rise, elongated construction, which was in harmony with the environment.

The landscape artist Pradial Gutierrez was in charge of the parks and gardens, with local species, while the architects chose a modern and sober style for the hotel.


Where to stay in Iguazú - Sheraton Iguazú falls               Where to stay in Iguazú - Sheraton Iguazú falls

With 180 rooms, the Sheraton Hotel & Spa welcomes a large influx of guests. This traditional hotel counts with all the services its guests may expect . But also, because of its location, it gives them the possibility to have  lunch looking to the falls; or exercise with the view of the jungle inside The National Park Iguazú Falls. Sleep with the sound of the water falling or drink a glass of sparkling wine, or why not, a glass of Malbec – the Argentinian wine par excellence – in the terrace balcony of the room.

                            sheraton_iguazu_hotel_5              Where to stay in Iguazú - Sheraton Iguazú falls

 The hotel is located across from “ La Garganta del Diablo,” which is the main attraction of the park and the superior  Iguazú river culmination   course in a union of waterfalls longer than 150mts with a fall of more than 80mts of height  into a horseshoe shape. This powerful waterfall breaks the flow of the river drawing dense cumulus clouds of steam that flood the context and characterize the landscape.

Tip for travelers: leave the window closed in order to avoid insects and monkeys that live in the park.

                  sheraton_iguazu_hotel_7                         sheraton_iguazu_hotel_4

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Marian Kretowicz
Experience Manager at Across Argentina

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