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Patagonia Cruises. Choosing the perfect itinerary.

Patagonia Cruises. Choose the itinerary that suits you better!

Contemplate the wonderful nature and wildlife in its own habitat. Relax in the most remote and beautiful places, away from bustle. Adventure yourself to that exploration trip that you have been waiting! These are just some of the experiences that you’ll live when you embark on a Patagonia Cruise. Routes of diferent extensions, and through diverse destinations, travel by islands, channels, fjords, glaciers and imposing landscapes; and promise exciting encounters with penguins, seabirds, whales and sea lions. Which are the available itineraries? Which suits you better? How to choose the ideal journey for you?

1) From Argentina Patagonia to Chilean Patagonia with Australis Expedition Cruise

  • Duration: 4 days.
  • Destinations: Ushuaia, Cape Horn, Wulaia Bay, De Agostini Sound, Águila Glacier, Magdalena Island, Punta Arenas.
  • Discover Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego navigating through the Beagle Channel and the Strait of Magellan. Enjoy stunning Patagonian landscapes and nature in its wildest condition. Visit the legendary Cape Horn and disembark at Wulaia Bay. Reach the scenic Agostini Sound, flanked by numerous glaciers and sheer saw-toothed peaks. Enjoy tours onboard Zodiac boats and hike through the most beautiful and remote places in Patagonia. Disembark on Magdalena Island to experience an exciting encounter with penguins.
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2) From Chilean Patagonia to Argentine Patagonia with Australis Expedition Cruise

  • Duration: 5 days.
  • Destinations: Punta Arenas, Ainsworth Bay, Tuckers Islets, Pía Glacier, Alley Glacier, Cape Horn, Wulaia Bay, Ushuaia.
  • Discover beaver’s habitat and walk into the pristine sub-polar forest in Ainsworth Bay, or hike along the crest of a glacial moraine. Disembark at the Tuckers Islets and enjoy a close encounter with penguin. Get the most fantastic views of the Pia and Aley glaciers. Navigate along the Glaciers Avenue. Disembark at the legendary Cape Horn and Wulaia Bay. Arrive at Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.
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3) Following Charles Darwin’s steps in Patagonia, with Australis Expedition Cruise

  • Duration: 8 days.
  • Destinations: Ushuaia, Cape Horn & Wulaia Bay, Da Agostini Sound, Águila Glacier, Magdalena Island, Punta Arenas, Ainsworth Bay, Tuckers Islets, Pía Glacier, Alley Glacier, Cape Horn & Wulaia Bay, Ushuaia.
  • Follow the steps of the expedition journey made by Charles Darwin on 1833 aboard the HMS Beagle. This journey through the Fuegian Archipelago begins at the historic Wulaia Bay and the legendary Cape Horn. Then navigation continues towards the Avenue of the Glaciers, the Tuckers Islets and Magdalena Island, where the long-awaited penguins watching is certain. The course by glaciers, spectacular fjords, forests and endemic nature is also part of this unforgettable trip.
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4) Expedition through fjords and villages of Chile’s Northern Ice Field, with Skorpios Cruises

  • Duration: 6 days. Departs on Saturdays and disembarks on Thursdays.
  • Destinations: Ancud Gulf, Archipelago of Chiloé, Moraleda and Ferronave channels, Puerto Aguirre, San Rafael Glacier, Quitralco fjords and Corcovado gulf.
  • Travel by the islands, channels and fjords of southern Chile, navigating through breathtaking mountain sceneries. Visit picturesque fishing and shellfish villages, relax in the natural hot springs of the Quitralco Fjord and remember the imposing San Rafael Glacier forever.
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5) Exploring glaciers y fjords of Chile’s Southern Ice Field, with Skorpios Cruises

  • Duration: 4 days. Departs on Tuesdays and Fridays and disembarks respectively on Fridays and Mondays.
  • Destinations: Puerto Natales, Patagonian Channels, Glaciers: Amalia, El Brujo, Fernando and Alipio, Calvo and Montañas Fjords. Glaciers: Bernal, Herman, Alsina and Paredes.
  • Navigate through Patagonic channels and fjords, disembark at the Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal and Alsina glaciers. Contemplate these natural wonders, relax faraway from the routine, enjoy a walk surrounded by nature. Sail through multi-coloured ice-floes on smaller expedition vessels.
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6) Discover the spirit of Patagonic Glaciers, with Marpatag

  • Duration: 3 days. Departs on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Destinations: El Calafate, Spegazzini Glacier, Upsala Glacier, Mayo Glacier, Negro Glacier, Témpanos Channel & Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • A navigation between colorful millenary ices, dazzling reddish sunsets and unique nights; the highest comfort and the best gourmet cuisine, promise a memorable experience.
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* National Geographic also interested in the spectacular landscapes of Patagonia, the imposing glaciers of the End of the World and the cruises by the southernmost territories of the planet. What do they say? You can read it on this link.

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