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Reveillon in Brazil, traditional and emotional New Year’s Eve celebration, to attend at least once in life

A special and traditional celebration is what anyone who come to Brazil to spend New Year’s Eve, also known as the “Reveillon”, will find.
new_years_eve_brasilA dinner with friends or family is the perfect begining of this great night, in which most of the people follow the tradition and wear white as a symbol of prosperity and welfare for the year that is about to begin.
Approaching midnight, thousands of people gather on the beach, it is time for the offerings to Iemanj√°, the Goddess of the Sea. In this emotioning ritual, both Brazilians and visitors give away white flowers and candles to the sea, proclaiming good wishes for the new year. According to tradition, no one must turn it’s backs to the sea after having homage Iemanj√°; if the offering is taken offshore it is because she has accepted it and the year will be good.
A party of fireworks and musical performances follows to welcome the new year. Brazilian joy spreads in every beach. The most important celebration takes place in Rio de Janeiro. Every year more than a million people gather at Copacabana Beach to witness such a mystical and important event.

Among other customs, some people also dip in the sea to jump seven continuous waves and thus ensure good fortune for the new year.
A unique, special, emotional and energy-laden celebration. For those who have the opportunity to do so, it is highly advisable to spend the New Year’s Eve in Rio at least once in life.

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