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The essential role of the Experience Concierge in Across Ar

Our team of professionals is ready to provide an excellent service. We work with clear and patterned procedures that guarantee quick answers and excellent attention to the needs of our clients, travel agencies and their client.

Among the functions that we develop in our travel agency, the Experience Concierge stands out concerning the relationship with the passenger. This role, in charge of Isabel Stier (standing right in photo), cares about knowing the profile of each passenger, which is essential to customize the experience of the traveler. She also provides a permanent company before, during and after each trip.


From the moment the trip is confirmed, the Experience Concierge provides advice to both, the agency and the passenger, to evacuate the doubts over departure times for each trip, emergency telephones, weather information and clothing appropriate for the season depending on the destination.

The Experience Concierge also provides information about optional excursions that can be added to the basic program. The variety of optional activities offered will always be related to the profile of the traveler: for example, if the traveler enjoys nature and the outdoors, he will surely receive a suggestion of outdoor activities, or a proposal for gourmet activities if he enjoys gastronomy. Our suggestions are meant to fit the profile of each passenger, and provide a complete experience that ends in a unique and memorable moment.

When the passenger arrives in Buenos Aires, the Experience Concierge presents in his Hotel for a welcome greeting, delivering documentation and a brief general advice about Argentina and the rest of South America. Most passengers appreciate being able to meet the person with who they have been in contact for so many months planning the trip.

After this meeting, the experience Concierge remains available for passengers and monitoring the trip every day to make sure everything is in order.

The Exerience Concierge is permanently in contact with operators and hotels. The benefit of being a local agency gives us the advantage of working with immediate information on what is happening in each of our destinations.

In addition, the Experience Concierge is always in contact with the passenger and available 24 hours by telephone assistance. Passengers may communicate by telephone, text messages or Whatsapp whenever they need. In this way, passengers  are backed at any time, which makes them feel secure when traveling. Our agency will attend any inconvenience.

The constant feedback during the trip helps us to know the experience of each passenger, whether the trip has been enjoyable and memorable or drawbacks have emerged. On this basis, we work hard everyday to offer new experiences in each destination with an excellent service.

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