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Excellent choice to discover Buenos Aires’s nightlife: “The Argentine Experience”

As few cities in the world, Buenos Aires is well known not only by its famous attractions such as the Obelisk, the Colón Theater, the Plaza de Mayo, and its traditional neighborhoods that have much to offer; but also for its hectic nightlife. Buenos Aires never stops, because the range of night activities and proposals go from monday to monday and up to very long hours, reaching dawn in more than one occasion. Wide variety of entertainment, shows, theaters, cinemas, clubs, bars, discos; culinary offers of all kinds, in the most diverse restaurants, await in this wonderful city.


Today we’ll devote some lines to the “Argentine Experience“, an excellent and original proposal to enjoy Buenos Aires by night. This experience is about learning about the best of the Argentine cuisine, traveling along the traditions and the local culture in a very entertaining way. A project that began three years ago in a small apartment in Recoleta and today takes place in a large and confortable space in the neighborhood of Palermo Hollywood. A cozy place to enjoy and learn about the cuisine and local wines while sharing a nice time with travelers from all over the world.


The Argentine Experience brings us a close look of what means to “be an Argentinean“, teaching us how to cook our own “empanada” (one of the most traditional local foods), how to order our steak in the argentine dialect (which is more complex than it sounds), and how to prepare the famous mate, among other activities  that we’ll reserve for your surprise!

The hosts are very friendly and attentive, they have a close treatment with the guests and enjoy the activities along with them, achieving an extremely relaxed and pleasant enviroment. 

The experience is suitable for all ages: you might go with your couple, with family, with friends, or even alone. Guests under 18 will have soft drinks instead of wine.

For passengers who travel on their own, The Argentine Experience is a great place to meet other travelers: the tables where the activities take place might accommodate up to 15 people, and along the night, everyone will find the opportunity to share conversations and have fun with the people who are around. It is important to say, that although the tables have capacity for 15 people, upstairs there are only two tables and on the ground floor there is only one. So, you might be sure that the groups are reduced, keeping a right balance of the environment, between the peacefullness and the entertaining.


In terms of languages, the hosts guide the evening activities in English or Portuguese. The experience in English takes place from Monday to Saturday; while Portuguese version takes place on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There is also the possibility to make the experience in Spanish language, but only for private groups.

Before the experience (which begins at 8 pm.) it is also possible, and advisable, to attend to the “Wine Cocktail Experience.” The “Wine Cocktail Experience” begins two hours before dinner (at 6.15 pm.) and suggests to delve into the nuances of Argentina’s world-renowned wines in a relaxed atmosphere. In this prior appointment, we’ll try to discover our inner bartender, learning how to prepare three wine-based cocktails while enjoying a selection of homemade tapas specially chosen to complement each drink.


Recently, the owners of the project enabled the option of making the experience at lunchtime, but for now, it is only available for groups that exceed 10 people.

The food is delicious, going from the tapas that complement the Wine Coktail Experience, to the surprise dessert of the Dinner Experience.

From any perspective, The Argentine Experience is an absolutely recommendable program: guaranteed fun, local delicacies to delight the palate, and connection with the customs and traditions of the place you have decided to visit.

For more information about this and other programs in Buenos Aires, in Argentina and South America, please contact us:

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