Enjoy Argentina at any moment of the year

A few days before getting into the fall, we will make a tour through Argentina to select some destinations we recommend to visit at this time of the year. Want to know which they are? We’ll tell you everything about them!

Starting at the north of Argentina, we’ll make our first stop in the Province of Salta, where the highlighted spots are the region of Valles Calchaquíes and Cafayate.

Distinguished by extensive mountain ranges and barren landscape, the region of the Valles Calchaquíes houses snuff crops, cotton, sugarcane and fruit, along with a great historical and cultural heritage. On a tour along the Río de las Conchas we’ll appreciate different landforms in the mountains due to erosion over the years. Its origins date back to more than sixty million years ago!

Approaching the area of ​​Cafayate, we’ll begin to see vineyards, taking the opportunity to stop at a winery to learn the process of wine and taste the varieties offered. To complete this wine experience, we suggest accommodation in Cafayate Wine Resort, with rooms overlooking the vineyards or the imposing Cerro San Isidro.


Proceeding our journey, we’ll descend towards the Litoral Argentino and make our next stop in Iguazu, Province of Misiones.

In the wonderful Iguazu Falls we’ll have an unforgettable sight of the Garganta del Diablo, the famous fall that concentrates the largest volume of water in the world. We’ll walk through catwalks to enjoy unique views bathed by white mist and we’ll also have the opportunity to have “The Great Adventure” on board of a boat, to enjoy the falls from the closest place. In the jungle environment you may board the ecological train too, and enjoy a wild ride.

32 km away from Iguazu Falls, in the heart of the missionary forest, stands Puerto Bemberg, an ideal destination for relax. Its Jesuit garden recovers the best of Spanish tradition. Trails and natural jumps, walks through the treetops, Guarani legends and a unique setting.


Arriving at the center of the country, we will make our third stop in the City of Buenos Aires. In the capital city you will discover the most traditional neighborhoods, tracking its historical evolution and the vestiges of immigration, tango, folklore, the cattle culture and football. The attractions that shouldn’t be missed include traditional Plaza de Mayo, the old neighborhood of San Telmo, La Boca, with its famous Caminito, Recoleta and Retiro.

Jardín Escndido Boutique Hotel, located in Palermo Soho, is a great place which will make you feel at home while you discover Buenos Aires, with a native decor and qualified customized service.


We now arrive to Patagonia Argentina, to finish our journey in El Calafate. Here we meet the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier, declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The many activities offered within the National Park Los Glaciares make from this visit a memorable experience, at all times surrounded by astonishing views. You may walk through catwalks to appreciate the walls of the glacier, you may also sail next to it to observe their detachments; and the most dazzling: you may go trekking over the glacier, an unforgettable experience!

Accommodation in Patagonian Lodge Houses offers refined and welcoming style, reminding the large ranches of the twentieth century. Casa Los Sauces offers a welcoming atmosphere that combines the Creole features with European influences.


We have traveled from north to south in this article, but the journey does not end here, because it is now time for you to take your own journey! Travel, embrace, learn, live!

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