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Navigating the Delta del Tigre and El Rio de La Plata: Another way to experience a unique ecosystem.

The delta is a landform that, historically, always attracted people for its natural wealth and resources. The Delta is unique, it flows into the freshwater estuary “El Rio de La Plata”: The widest river in the world. But it also tells another story, the one of the community who lives between the channels, and another one who were able to adapt to its geography.

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We started our walk leaving urban landscapes. Then gradually, the facades of the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires started to show. At this stage we sighted the presidential residence in Olivos. This is also where we can find the houses of the wealthiest families called “Porteñas”  (the adjective used in Argentina is “wealthy families” that refer to those born near the port of Buenos Aires).

We made our first stop at the railway station of San Isidro, where the famous old cathedral is located. We will have half an hour to see around and have a snack.


We continue to our final destination. Upon arriving at the port, we got into the boat, with its panoramic design that allows us to appreciate the buildings, picturesque docks and the lifestyle of those who inhabit it. A few minutes after starting the journey, it is easy to let your imagination flow and dream on how it would be to live there. An interesting place that we will also see is the house-museum of the late former President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1811-1888).


Navigating we finally sighted the mouth of the estuary of the Rio de La Plata. We left to distinguish the coastline; this is something that rarely happens when we  sail a river but I just did not realize this detail, until one of my teammates on this ride points this out. Alejandro Martínez from Madrid, is a renowned journalist, who has been traveling the country from north to south, along with his traveling companion in Life: Elvira. She is also the photographer of the team. Both accompany me on this adventure, and help me to discover the unique attraction: “the widest river in the world”. From where you don not get to glimpse its banks: The Rio de La Plata.


Entering from the north waterfront, we can see its recess at the side of the river, among other attractions indicated by the guide boat.

Finally, we will enjoy an interesting view of the city of Buenos Aires from the river, with the evening lights to accompany the perfect postcard as a finishing touch.

Tip for travel: it is advisable to wear a coat unless it is summer as the temperature drops two degrees out of town and it is usually windy on the boat.

Visiting time: four hours and a half in the morning or afternoon.



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