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We renew our image, to keep on travelling together

A week ago, Across Argentina launched its new website with a completely new style: a modern design serves the new inspirations and experiences proposed by the agency to experience Argentina and Latinamerica.

We spoke with Maria José and Clara Barciela, partners and founders of Across Boutique Agency, to know all the details of this change and the new stage.

What was the impetus for the change in Across Argentina?

It is true that our image was modified transcendentally, however I do not feel that there has been a change, we are still the same. Actually, what we did was reaffirm our identity, of which we are very proud: true local experts, hosts in our country and South America.

Which ideas are meant to convey with the new image?

Across began with a boutique and taylor made idea of work; today we have grown but we still maintain the same spirit. We expect travelers that wish to discover every corner of this region, entrust their dreams on us, a team of enthusiasts, passionate, dedicated local experts.

What do you expect of this new stage?

Personally, answered Maria José, the start of a new stage generates me adrenalin! I think it’s a huge challenge for our team, but there’s no better thing than moving towards this change and making new projects. Specifically I would like to continue receiving the loving of passengers who year after year recommend us or come back to us for their second, third, fourth and even fifth visit! The truth is that this is the best reward. We also aim to offer more innovative experiences for those travelers looking to be more in touch with nature, experience local culture and of the off-the-beaten-track tours.

Sharing, experiencing, and exploring new places with you is our main inspiration.

Across Argentina invites us to live experiences such as “Gourmet & Wines“, “Eco and Nature“, “Honeymoons and Romance” and “Hidden Treasures“; and presents inspirations such as “Living Argentina“, “Exploring Argentina“, “Antarctica and Patagonia” and “Latinamerica“. Within these categories, travelers will find different suggestions and places to build a custom trip and live Argentina and Latinamerica the way they would like to.

What is the idea of classifying trips as experiences and inspirations?

We present the product in this way because the idea is that the traveler can draw on these proposals to build their custom trip and create their own experience based on our suggestions as local experts, answers Clara.

Which attitude do you expect from travelers after the change Across Argentina is experiencing?

The truth is that today everything changes very fast and our new image is not staying behind. In the new website, we present content in a simple way, we clearly convey the experiences we offer to travelers, we approach them to the experiences of those who have already been to the same places. The image, concept and travel ideas we’ve built and present today, were not random: through all these years we’ve studied and listened to whoever was on the other side. I think we have understood very well what they are looking for, so I can only say: influence will be 100% positive!

Visit our new website and begin your trip to Latinamerica!




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