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Buenos Aires, South America’s favorite

Buenos Aires was chosen as the favourite city in South America and received the Trip Advisor award. We share an article published in the newspaper Clarin on January 10, 2015, with all the details about what is it that attracts from Buenos Aires, to tourists from around the world. Among the most valued, the Teatro Colon, Puerto Madero and Recoleta are mentioned. Also, the gastronomic and shopping offer.

buenos aires

It is not the gateway to the holy city of Machu Picchu, nor has the Christ Redeemer, nor the sea. Instead, it offers the nostalgic atmosphere of tango, its notable bars, theaters and the streets that invite to walk and discover the secrets of the neighborhoods. Perhaps, for all this, Buenos Aires has just been honored as the best destination in South America by the Travellers’ Choice Awards, awarded by the Travel site based on the opinions of its members. The Argentina capital was above cities like Cuzco (Peru), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Cartagena (Colombia). Worldwide, it was ranked 8th, beating classics such as Paris or New York.

The TripAdvisor website feeds with opinions from around the world about destinations, hotels, restaurants and attractions. Since 2002, and based on these comments, its administrators give the Travellers’ Choice Awards, to the places they identified as favorites. And according to the reviews expressed in 2015, Buenos Aires was the most popular destination in South America, followed by Cuzco and Gramado (Brazil).

In the same list, there are two other Argentine cities: San Carlos de Bariloche, which was 4th, and Mendoza in the 7th place. In the world ranking, Buenos Aires was also well measured, in the 8th position. In this category, the first prize went to Marrakech, the imperial city of Morocco.

“The cradle of tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with vibrant energy. The ancient evocative neighborhoods are full of romantic restaurants and exciting nightlife, and the European heritage is evident in the architecture of Buenos Aires in boulevards and parks.” TripAdvisor describes Buenos Aires, in the list of winning cities. It also says it is “the capital of shopping in Latin America”. And recommends visiting the Cafe Tortoni and Teatro Colon.


The City also excelled in other categories. La Bourgogne, the restaurant led by chef Jean Pierre Bondoux, was chosen as the best in South America and was 23° within the 25 best in the world. With its proposal for Latin American cuisine, i Latina, occupies the 6th place in the South American ranking; Chila, offering the creations of Soledad Nardelli, was 7th; and Aramburu, by Gonzalo Aramburu, is ranked 12th.

Buenos Aires’s accomodation was also well regarded. The Alvear Palace was elected as the best hotel in Argentina and was 5th among the leaders in South America. In this region also Casa Calma was 3rd among the most romantic hotels, and Miravida Soho Hotel was charted 8th among those who give better care.

The Malba was ranked 24th among the 25 top museums in the world. In South America, it is ranked 3rd. TripAdvisor also includes him among the three captive of the city, followed by the area known as “Palermo Soho” and the Children’s Museum. At the same time, the three most voted attractions in Buenos Aires by users were the Teatro Colon and the neighborhoods of Puerto Madero and Recoleta.

Within 25 favorite places of interest in South America, Buenos Aires entered with the Recoleta Cemetery in 18th place and the 25th place for the the Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament, the Church located at 1000 San Martín, which construction was ordered by Mercedes Castellanos de Anchorena.

Sitios de viajes como TripAdvisor son fuentes clave para los viajeros de la hora de elegir destinos, hoteles y restaurantes y construir itinerarios. Según una encuesta realizada por el Observatorio de Turismo de la Ciudad, el 56,5% de los turistas extranjeros que llegan a Buenos Aires se informó a través de Internet.

During 2015 the City reached 10,683,175 tourists, 1.1% more than in 2014. 80% were Argentine, and the rest foreigners. According to the Observatory, 65.4% of foreigners and 77.7% of Argentines took to shop and in similar proportions, the choice was to go out to eat. 40% of international tourists also attended a tango show.

The area most visited by foreigners was Puerto Madero (73.2%), followed by Palermo and Recoleta. Argentines chose St. Nicholas (66.8%) which is where the Microcentro is. And while foreigners identified the city with tango and the national roast, the Argentines associated with the Plaza de Mayo and culture.

Regardless of nationality, there was agreement in that over 60% felt that the rates for tourist services were high. And almost 95% said they would like to return to Buenos Aires.


Pat and Francis, from Australia

  1. Have you already been to Buenos Aires? It is our debut in the City.
  2. Why do you chose it? We made a cruise across South America and Buenos Aires is included in the itinerary.
  3. How long and where will you be staying? Just a couple of days, aboard the ship.
  4. What were your three favorite places? The neighborhood of La Boca, Recoleta cemetery and the Casa Rosada.

Guilherne and Annelise, from Brasil

  1. This is our first time in Buenos Aires.
  2. We wanted to know this city especially because we like your cultural life and architecture.
  3. It is a pity but we can only stay one day because we are aboard a cruise, which is also where we sleep.
  4. We choose touring the neighborhood of La Boca, Recoleta Cemetery and the United Nations plaza, where the beautiful metal flower is placed.

Alejandro, from Australia

  1. This is the first time I visit the city of Buenos Aires. I had never been in Argentina.
  2. I decided to come to this city because I’m interested about learning about the culture of Argentina.
  3. Because I want to discover Buenos Aires taking my time, I’m staying a week in a hotel.
  4. My main plan is to travel among many other places of the city, Caminito and La Bombonera in La Boca; Florida Street and the neighborhoods of San Telmo and Palermo.

Jim and Cathy Daughtery, from California

  1. It is the first time we come to Buenos Aires.
  2. We were passing aboard a cruise and we decided to drop and visit.
  3. We’ll visit the city for two days, returning to sleep on the boat. After that, we are leaving to Tierra del Fuego and finally Chile.
  4. So far, the places we most liked are the Recoleta Cemetery, Florida Street and the neighborhood of La Boca.
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