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Adventurous Honeymoons and Trips in Argentina

A journey of thousand miles may begin with a single step. Esther Blanco Vicente and Javier Moya Amador recently traveled from Spain to spend an incredible honeymoon in Argentina. In 19 days they visited the natural beauties of the country, including Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Ushuaia, an Australis Expedition Cruise Experience, Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine (in Chile), El Calafate and Perito Moreno Glacier. Through the testimony they sent us, we figured out that their journey have been excellent, which makes us very happy. We are glad to share Esther’s story with you:

buenos aires experienceI will first say that since I was 15 I wanted to visit Patagonia. I had a kind of obsession with reaching the “end of the world” and seeing wonderful landscapes. With such expectation, I was afraid of disappointing myself, but fortunately it wasn’t that way. Certainly, what we most liked of the whole trip was the Australis Cruise. On board of it we reached geographically emblematic places, so beautiful, so inhabited… When we landed at Cape Horn I burst into tears of emotion. We really appreciated the informative talks about the visited places we had on board; and the food, was the best we’ve had anywhere in the journey.

From the destinations we’ve visited, Ushuaia was one of our favorites, it has a special charm that I find hard to explain, it’s probably related to the fact it is the southernmost city in the world, and the sensation of feeling an “ancient discoverer“.   We would have stayed there the whole season looking forward to explore trekking routes.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is impressive, but what left us even gladder was to make a trekking on the Viedma Glacier. This was other of the great experiences of our trip. Actually, if I had to change something of the trip, I guess I would stay in Chalten instead of El Calafate; we found more mountain adventure activities here; though it is much farther from the Perito Moreno.

From the short time we spent in Chile we can say we loved it, if we decide to come back to Patagonia sometime, for sure we will travel around Chile and end in Ushuaia. Perhaps the most disappointing thing of all was to go to Torres del Paine and not making any hiking or trekking. We made a comprehensive tour around the national park with a small group -I guess this is the only way to see the entire park- but after doing so, I think we would have gladly prefered to exchange it for a day to make the base of the Torres. As I said, if we ever return, we’ll spend a while here and make the W.

Iguazu: we liked it very much, especially the Argentine side; we would have overlooked the Brazilian side.

Finally Buenos Aires… a wonderful city, with great charm and a mixture of several European cities (much alike with Madrid from my point of view). The best time we spend here was the evening with Paula and her two companions of Across Argentina, at The Argentine Experience, wich by the way I highly recommend! And a jazz show that we attended at a bar in Palermo.

live argentina

We have been very pleased with the trip. We usually travel on our own, without predefining nothing but the flights and we were afraid to take the step towards an organized trip; but your close and tailored attention, turned on the whole experience just the way we wanted. I’m not sure if we will return to our “backpacker” stage…



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