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At Across Argentina we believe that travelling through South America is a lifetime experience!

… Either wander the streets of Buenos Aires, getting wet in the spectacular Iguazu Falls, walk on a stunning glacier, riding in the Pampas, see the Fitz Roy, enjoy local foods, Mendoza and Chilean wines, sunrise at amazing Machu Picchu, dancing Tango, Samba, get to Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, so many things to do and see …

We receive travellers from all around the world, most of them have always dreamed about coming to this part of the world and once they discover it, they all agree that this is a place to come again and again.

Our dear travellers usually recommend us one to another so mouth to mouth has become our main source of passengers and this is a great satisfaction to all of us who work really hard and with pasion to make sure that you really get to enjoy the Latin American atmosphere.

In Our Latin America Travel Blog we want to share our one in a life time travel experiences with you! You will find a collection of articles usually written by me, Maria Barciela and by Clara, my sister and also my partner here at Across Argentina. We also encourage our Team and our passengers to participate so they can share their personal travel experiences with us!

The content of the articles wants to help those who are about to discover new parts of the World, those irreplaceable places, right here at the “End of the World”, right here in South America.

Thanks a lot for Reading us! We look forward to meeting you soon in South America and to share this lovely feeling!!

We have organized our blog in the Following categories:


We hand-pick the best boutique, luxury hotels, beach resorts and luxury guesthouses in Latin America to ensure you find the perfect holiday. Find destination inspiration, charming or luxury places to stay, with a local atmosphere and outstanding travel offers, and insider tips from the best South America has to offer.

We do research, search, study and we see what the trends in terms of accommodation at each place … so you don’t need to search and research it yourself. Sounds right for you?


WHERE TO GO IN LATIN AMERICA: Places and not to miss things to do and see.

Have you ever travelled to a place and found that “just for you” spot that you should not have missed… but … right just when you got back from that place? Yes, it happened to me… as you never know when you will go there again, don’t make this mistake. Try to find out what is there out just for you… BEFORE getting there! Here are my ideas (ideas are welcome!!).


Want to go to visit the place where the locals eat? Want to buy that different gift or that item you collect from each country? Want to drink and enjoy the local music and atmosphere? Here is what I recommend.


“…I arrived and immediately It felt like I was inside of a movie, like I was living something I had imagined in my mind before…” “it was exciting because it was like I had been here before..”.

This is what I remember having said in one of the best trips I’ve made in my life to India; my husband and I chose this destination for our honeymoon and before going we read a complete history of India written by Dominique Lapierre. I have the best memories from this book, it reminds me of the best time we had in India.

When we returned from our 30 day trip we started to recreate our trip to family and friends and we met no one at all that had visited this country that liked their trip, actually all of them hated India …. I was amazed because we loved our trip and what made this an incredible and unforgettable experience was the fact that we were prepared to live it and enjoy it as spectators watching a movie… but inside the movie… it is somehow difficult to explain, however if you have ever done this before I am sure you know what I mean.

So in this section I want to bring suggestion of books and music which can enrich your experience in South America for you to enjoy an experience of a lifetime.




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