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10 years traveling together!

We are happy to announce that this year we are celebrating 10 years since Across Argentina’s foundation, 10 years traveling together!

We kindly and specially express our gratitude to our passengers and customers who are our reason of existing , and also our suppliers and team of local experts, who are essential in this day by day journey.

In 2006, when we shaped and developed the project that we had been dreaming about, we set out to design tailor-made travel experiences and to transform even the most conventional itineraries into unique experiences, with the goal of becoming a leading boutique travel agency.

From the beginning, all our actions where focused in conquering direct passengers. We have worked hard and committed to provide quality products and excellent service, looking forward to not only satisfy the needs of passengers but also to exceed their expectations. Later we also begun providing service to agencies.

Throughout this decade of changes, both worldwide and local, we can say that we have managed to attend the demand of the modern traveler, following the emerging trends.

In the last year, we have opened new horizons towards Oceania, introducing the company into a new target market. The strengthening in the area already show positive results, although we still project a greater growth in this new year.

Across Argentina‚Äôs institutional brand has also shifted during these years, improving the communication of our concept, our services and products. During the last year, an assortment of travel experiences joined our offer of traditional and unconventional circuits, aiming to achieve trips of greater connection with each destination. Soon we will be launching a new website for the English-speaking markets, where we’ll promote all of our experiences.

As founding members we keep alive the boutique, customized and familiar concept that characterizes us.

10 years travelling together

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